• Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation Attorneys in Raleigh NC

    About the Firm

    officebuildingThe Law Office of John Benjamin, Jr., PA in Raleigh, NC practices civil, commercial, banking, and construction litigation and business representation. We litigate claims and disputes in federal court, state court and the American Arbitration Association and other administrative forums. We represent our clients on all issues that arise in Civil Litigation in these venues.

    Some of our services include:

    • File and enforce liens.
    • Prosecute and defend cases involving commercial leases.
    • Represent Banks and Lending Institutions in State and Federal Court on a variety of issues, such as Usury and Foreclosure.
    • Prosecute and defend cases pertaining to commercial construction contracts.
    • Defend lawsuits by employees or ex-employees under the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act.
    • Prosecute and defend cases involving covenants not to compete.
    • Litigate personal injury and wrongful death claims.
    • Defend residential builders from lawsuits by homeowners.
    • Commercial debt collection.
    • Declaratory judgment litigation with commercial insurance companies on their commercial general liability policies.
    • Represent clients on issues including employee disputes, the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act and contract disputes prior to litigation being commenced.
    • Negotiate contracts and leases for clients.
    • Advise client’s personnel on how to avoid claims and how to support inevitable claims.
    • Help clients establish procedures for minimizing litigation.